Inclement Weather Policy

From the handbook:

In the event of adverse weather conditions prior to the beginning of the school day or during the school day, Harding will notify parents by email, website post, and media announcements. It is important that parents have correct and current email addresses and telephone numbers on file with the school.

Please keep in mind the following whenever winter weather is being forecast.

1. Do not assume that Harding is closed if other schools are closed.

2. We will do our best to make a timely decision and notify our school community using the communication tools listed above.

3. It is often challenging to make a decision that is ideal and reflective of the greater Memphis area. Because we serve families from a wide variety of zip codes, we trust parents to make a decision that is in the best interest of their children. If we remain open, and if the conditions are more severe where you live, please use personal judgement regarding safe travel. The fact that Harding is open does not mean that roads are safe everywhere. We do our best, but will understand if you choose to avoid hazardous road conditions. Ultimately, the decision resides with you as parents.