Athletics Mission

We believe that athletic participation can instill in young people all the attributes necessary for success in both life and as Christian leaders. We use words such as courage, commitment, faithfulness, family, integrity, loyalty, and sacrifice as the base for all of our athletic teams.

In order to instill these characteristics, we have several goals:

  • To teach the meaning of doing one’s best

  • To teach teamwork

  • To teach self-discipline

  • To teach humility

  • To teach hard work

  • To win or lose with class and dignity

  • To honor God in everything we do on the field or court

It is our prayer that all of our athletes grow as young Christian men and women who are ready to make a difference for Christ to whom they owe their abilities.


Greg Eubanks
Athletic Director
Head Coach Varsity Boys Basketball
Office:  (901) 767-4466


Joe Galloway
Assistant Athletic Director
Office:  (901) 767-4466


Seth King
Middle School Athletic Director
Office: (901) 767-4466

Tabias Hood
Lower School Athletic Director
Office:  (901) 767-4466

Rob Kurzinsky
Athlete Development Director
Office: (901) 767-4466

Dawn Gilreath
Athletic Office Administrative Assistant 
Office:  (901) 767-4466