Technology in the Classroom and Beyond

Each teacher at Harding is provided a computer and an iPad. Each classroom is equipped according to the teacher's preference and the demands of the subject. Most classrooms are equipped with projection systems. In some cases (depending on teacher preference), the projection system is paired with an interactive whiteboard. Each classroom from three-year olds through grade 5 is equipped with enough iPad minis to maintain a ratio of one iPad for every three students. Each student in grades 6–12 is issued a 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Each student in grades 5–12 is provided an email account. The RenWeb student information system is used to track attendance, grades, and discipline. Combined with the Canvas learning management system, and various other tools (at the teachers’ discretion), Harding provides a combination of technologies that enables well-connected learning in an online world, as well as the best possible communication between teachers, students, and parents.

Although Harding is obviously very well equipped, and technology is in many ways the environment in which education occurs, technological prowess is not the priority. Harding is a Christian, liberal arts academy. All initiatives, including technology implementation, are done to support that philosophy of education.

Technology Contacts:

Doug Pinkerton
Director of Technology
Administration, Policy, Databases

Anna Cranford
Operations Manager
Technical Support, Purchasing

Jane Maness
Technical Support Specialist
Help Desk, Technical Support, RenWeb